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Denim to Khaki

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The British Army has a worldwide reputation for excellence, a strong reflection of its soldiers and officers. This reputation derives from, and depends upon, unequivocal commitment, self-sacrifice and mutual trust.

Denim to Khaki, is the first in a Trilogy of books, following the life of Richard Hunter. The three books cover the time of him first joining the British Army, through the ‘Cold War’, up until the Afghanistan conflict.

The story begins with Richard and three of his friends in a garden in Germany. They had grown very close over the last few years, in a close knit military environment. All four of their fathers were members of the British Army. Richard and one of the friends Pete, whom he had grown up with, had decided to follow their fathers into the military. The only apprehension Richard had was not the trials and tribulations of military training, but the special bond of friendship that he was leaving behind. “Would he ever feel that same bond with others, as he did with these three?’

From his first weeks in military training, he was quickly to find that teamwork and friendship were the recruit’s biggest allies. Over the period of one year the young Troopers, were put through arduous physical and mental tests, that drew them ever closer. It was only this cohesion and team spirit that enabled the young men to complete the training, and join their Regiments.

The final two thirds of the book, deals with how soldiers endure hardships by a bond of friendship that would last a life time. Having to live and work in cold, often hostile environments, created a ‘esprit de corps’ that rivalled anything Richard could have imagined. From the plains of North West Europe and the ‘Cold War’, to the walled city of Berlin, this would shape Richards life.

This first book ends on Richards first ‘Operational Tour’ in the early 1980’s in Northern Ireland, which is only the beginning to this young mans journey. 

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An interview by BBC Radio Tees on 6th January 2016 about the release of “Denim to Khaki”

Interview by BBC Radio Tees


Released on the 12th April 2016.”Fare Thee Well” continuing to follow Richard Hunters journey through the British Army.

A 5 minute trailer about the subjects covered in “Fare Thee Well”





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