My Review of “Melting for the Marines” by Dakota Storm

Melting for the Marines (Special Forces, #2)Melting for the Marines by Dakota Storm
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book follows on from the last 00Sexy, and continues to follow Eve on her quest to find her Cousin Gina’s killers.

Her relationship with Jeff the Marine has blossomed, and the use of the authors descriptions of their lovemaking, is almost like a dance to music.

They are joined in this quest by her close friend Jewel, and two Marines from Jeff’s unit Kurt and Kyle Ryce.
Jewel is quick witted, intelligent, and had an ability to see patterns in things given the right information.

Kurt and Kyle are twins and their smouldering good looks, and well-toned physiques, mark them out for special attention by Jewel.
She is as sexually demanding as Eve, and knows what she wants in the bedroom and goes out and gets it.
First of all she seduces Kurt, not that it takes much, then her brother Kyle. They are both passionate and considerate lovers, not releasing until Jewel has been satisfied.

As if this is not enough, the two brothers decide to share Jewel in an afternoon of steamy hot no holds barred sex. This is much to the delight if not surprise of Jewel. She is quite happy to satisfy the two well-built Marines (in all departments).

Jewel has worked out that the death of Gina is down to the illegal transportation of gun from the Double M ranch, across the border into Canada.
The story ends with them finding a piece of evidence in one of the photos Ginas has left behind. It leads nicely into what will be the last book in the series.

The sexual desires of Jewel and the two twin Marines, and their willingness to ‘Share’, really kept me turning the pages wanting more. They were like kindred spirits, each trying to satisfy and gratify the other.

I can only say in conclusion that the authors use, and understanding of the sexual act, aroused feelings in me that I had thought long since gone.
Keep it up Dakota and I look forward to the last book in this series.

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