My Review of “Lust of Innocence” by PJ MacDowell #iartg #ian1 #asmsg #bookboost

Lust of InnocenceLust of Innocence by P.J. MacDowell

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was drawn to this book after following the Canadian born P J MacDowell on twitter. Her use of sensual imagery, immediately grabbed my attention.
This her first book which will be followed up by others continuing the story of Elizabeth, a well to do young lady brought up on a family estate.
She is young and innocent, never having felt the touch of a man let alone anyone else. Enter Syreena a tall beautiful black slave girl. Having caught Elizabeth in a state of undress, she introduces her to the sensual touch only a woman can give another. This is only to be short lived as they are caught by her sadistic brother.
In a fit of rage, he arranges, that the pair be kidnapped and Elizabeth made to carry out acts of torture on Syreeena. This is only to satisfy her brothers’ own lustful desires. The almost rape of Elizabeth by a group of men, while appalling, draws you into the story.
Not happy with just humiliating his sister, Jason the brother has her sold into slavery. The scene at the slave auction, where Elizabeth is sold off to the highest bidder is compelling. Her stripped naked body is pawed by the two black slaves holding her for inspection. This stirred something in me, I knew it was wrong but it was so erotic.
Her last vision is that of her brother, along with Syreena, as he smiles sardonically there is only one thing on Elizabeth’s mind. Revenge!!!
This is an excellent book full of tenderness, depraved lust, and sexual tension. The authors use of descriptive text is fantastic. I can fully recommend this book, and am looking forward to part 2.
#iartg #ian1 #asmsg #bookboost

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