My Review of “Delta Force Desire” by Dakota Storm

Delta Force Desire #3Delta Force Desire #3 by Dakota Storm

This is the final book in the series, continues from “00Sexy” and “Melting for the Marines”
The characters from the previous book are joined by Emma, who we find out later is Jeff’s unknown sister, from the same father. She is searching for her missing brother Simon, who she had tracked to the ranch.
Rylan a member of “Delta Force” has arrived to join the other three Marines, and is immediately drawn to the 21 year old nubile Emma.
The author makes their first sexual encounter feel that it is her very first time, but her lovemaking with Rylan confirms it definitely is not. She gives as good as she gets, and her sexual urges and desires match his own.
The “menage et trois” between the twin Marines Kurt and Kyle, and Jewel, increases in intensity, and a loving bond is being formed between them.
What started off as a chance encounter between Eve and Jeff, has turned from lust to love. Their desire for each other’s bodies, is not only sexual gratification, but born out of a genuine love and mutual respect for the other.
The journey that Eve started on to find her Cousin Gina’s killer is rapidly drawing to a conclusion. The trap is set, and the team await the arrival of the man, that had only been a “sperm donor” to both Jeff, Emma and their young brother Simon.
When the gun runners arrive to pick up their ill gotten gains, the trap is sprung, and the gang is overpowered and taken into custody.
Not wanting to spoil the story but Eve get to exact her revenge on her Cousin’s killer. A fitting end to a sensual whodunnit story, sprinkled with a military tinge of raw sex.
In conclusion I have enjoyed the journey these 3 books have taken me on. A genuine story of no holds “barred”sex that made me want to be at least one of the characters. I did think at one point that it was a bit far fetched, for that much sexual activity to be going on under one roof. Then I said to myself, “give your head a shake, this is fiction people” and I loved the pure escapism.
I will definitely be reading more from this Author well done Miss Dakota.

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