Leaving what they were told was their harbour area, Richard led them in a westerly direction. Even though they had been told, not to cross open ground, the initial 500 metres was just that. Richard picked a route that gave is much protection from natural features as possible. He used the dead ground where possible, obscuring the patrol from any enemy that may have been observing. From time to time he would check behind that the runner, was at the required distance from him. He would indicate with his hand if he intended to change direction. The gunner would pass this on down the line, so that communication was maintained in silence. After an hour of patrolling the section entered a wooded area, with a single track running through it. This was a perfect point for an ambush Richard thought to himself, and he became more alert. Slowing his pace slightly, the rest of the section did the same to maintain their distance. At about 600 metres into the wood, the sound of automatic fire erupted to their right. They all instinctively went to ground, and the section commander began to assess the situation. Richard began to crawl towards the rear of the patrol to join the gunner. It would be his job to direct the fire onto the enemy position once the commander had formulated his quick attack orders. As they had not been fully briefed on how to do this, it took a little time to formulate some kind of plan. All the time the Directing Staff (DS), were screaming at them, asking what they were going to do. Blackey had begun to flap a little, and thought that he better do something quickly. He shouted out to the section the direction and location of the firing post that had engaged them. He directed both Richard and the GPMG man to give covering fire on his order to move. Meanwhile he and the radio man were making sure they were still central in the formation. As soon as he was happy that all were in position, facing the right direction, and had identified the enemy position. He gave Charlie fire team the command to advance and report when firm. At the same time Richard gave the order for the GPMG gunner to open up with supressing fire on the enemy location. Once Charlie fire team had gone firm and reported, Delta fire time were given the order to move. As they threw themselves forward, and went to ground around thirty metres in front of Blackey. He waited until they started to engage and both he and the runner, ran forward and halted in line with both fire teams. They repeated this until they had fought through the position. At the point the DS called and end to the exercise


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