Hamburg – Wine Women and Song

The room was filling up and after four hours of drinking, it was decided it was time to leave. The Troop had arranged for two cars to take them to Hamburg, and they were waiting outside the block. The eight guys who would be going piled in, and they set off on the ninety minute journey North up the autobahn. As they crossed a bridge spanning the Elbe River, the city of Hamburg spread out before them. Taking the exit for Altona, within twenty minutes they were parking up in a public underground car park. This was directly opposite to the main German Civil Police Station (GCP), on David Strasse. Richard’s companions headed directly into a bar not twenty meter’s from the car park entrance. He simply tagged on behind and was the last to enter the bar. After getting a round of drinks in, they chose a table to sit down. The conversation ebbed and flowed, debating the route they would take for the evening’s festivities. All decided they drank their beers and headed out of the door turning right. Some one hundred meters along the street they came to a bar emblazoned with the words ‘Monica’s’ over the door. Entering into the establishment Richard adjusted his eyes to the dim lighting. It was only 18:00 but the bar was already half full. The clientele were a mixed bunch, from young guys to old gentlemen in their dotage. The first thing that Richard became aware of was the number of good looking females there were. They were all dressed very provocatively with a lot of skin on show. He felt himself start to stir in his groin region.

‘That lass there has the hots for you’ whispered Gareth, the Troop Sgt.’s loader in his ear.

‘Do you think so?’ Richard replied surreptitiously looking over in the direction he had intimated.

‘Defo, I would steam right in there mate’ he said in an encouraging manner.

Richard considered this for a while, she was definitely checking him out from top to bottom. He was really quite shy, but the alcohol was helping his nervousness. A few more of these he thought to himself, and if she still looks interested, I will give it a go. All around the room male and females were engaging in conversation and acts of a sexual nature. Richard had never experienced such things in his life, and could not believe his eyes. A couple could quite clearly be seen fondling each other intimately, the young lady was massaging the middle aged man’s penis through his trousers. Richard was getting more and more aroused, and was coming close to approaching the female that was still showing interest in him. Taking a deep breath, he prepared himself to speak to her. As he neared the tall voluptuous brunette she smiled at him warmly. Asking her if she would like a drink, she replied that she would love one. The ice broken, Richard went to the bar and returned with two drinks for the pair of them. They chatted for a while just small talk really. When she found out that he was a British soldier her eyes lit up. She was originally from the Philippines and stood around six feet tall. Her eyes were exactly at the same level as Richard’s, and he was captivated with her. Looking over his shoulder, the rest of the Troop were making gestures that he should take things a step further. Plucking up the courage he leaned forward for a kiss which was not rebuffed. As they caressed Richard left hand started to move up her thigh. Moving ever higher he reached the top of her inner thigh. As there had been no resistance, he decided to reach in between her legs. It was at that moment that he felt something familiar. He was expecting a warm moist feeling, but was greeted with a pair of what only could have been testicles. Sharply withdrawing his hand he stood back gob smacked. The room was filled with the raucous uncontrollable laughter of his comrades. It had all been a set up, and Richard felt totally embarrassed and defiled. They duly explained to him that Monica’s was a renowned Transsexual bar. It was another tradition, to take a new member of the Troop to enjoy its ambience. It was not until Richard examined the features of the ‘young lady’ that he noticed her Adams Apple. His lustful thoughts and the alcohol had obviously made him oblivious to this. Finishing off their drinks, they tumbled out of the bar on route to the next location.

The next place they were to visit was to Richard’s surprise an underground car park. Taking the ramp down into the lower level, they strolled through the car park. Strangely enough there were very few cars parked there. These had been replaced by absolutely dropped dead gorgeous women. They were all in different state of undress, some wearing Basque’s and suspenders, and others with thigh length boots. As they passed them they would ask if they wanted a good time. They were given the answer that the guys wished to browse for a while. It was decided after a short while, they would look elsewhere. One of them suggested ‘five mark alley’. So leaving the beautiful looking women in their wake, they returned to street level. To make things interesting they came to an agreement, that each man would put ten Marks into a kitty. Everyone would write their name on a bit of paper, and place it in a bag. Someone would draw a name, whoever’s name came out, would get a cheap shag. Quickly scribbling their names down, they gave them to Mex who had provided a makeshift bag. As Richard was the newest member of the Troop he was given the honour of drawing the name. Delving deep into the bag he rustled about before drawing out a piece of paper. He handed it over to Mex who began to unfurl it.

‘The winner is….’ He paused for effect ‘Hunter!’

‘You jammy twat’ was the first reaction from one of the group. Others congratulated Richard, before explaining what they were about to do. The alley itself was positioned just opposite the Police station they had passed earlier. At each end were two high walls, on the wall was a sign in German and English stating ‘no women allowed’. As they negotiated the small gap in the wall, before them stood a small street, with houses running along both sides. The windows had no curtains and were all around six to eight feet in height. In almost every one there were sitting, scantily clad ladies selling their wares. Richard was told he had to pick one, and they would then hand over the money. He was like a kid in a sweet shop, and after three houses had already decided the one he wanted. Armed with eighty marks he walked through the door. The rest of the Troop made their way to the other end of the street, to a bar where they had arranged to meet once again when Richard had finished. Taking a seat by the window the Troop drank and waited on Richard to arrive.

It was only twenty minutes before Richard’s innocent looking face appeared from behind the wall. He glanced across the road and could see the grinning faces of his comrades. Adjusting his tackle, he crossed the road and opened the bar door. He was met with a great cheer as he sat down at the table. They all fired questions at him asking him how it went, what she was like and how much it had cost. He was eager to tell all and for the next twenty minutes was the centre of attention. It was at this point that they had told him how he had been so fortunate to win the raffle. Every person in the Troop had agreed earlier that they would put Richard’s name on their bit of paper. So when he drew out the winning name, they just needed to act surprised. Once the conversation had died down, a couple of the guys disappeared. The rest of the night was spent moving from bar to bar. At the end of the evening they met up again at the appointed time at the cars. The drive back to camp flew by, as Richard had slept the whole way. He had enjoyed his first Troop outing, hoping there would be more of the same in the future.


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