The teams took up the strain on the carts, the two on the T-bar pulling, whilst the remaining four pushed from the rear and the side. The tyres took a grip and soon they were motoring at a comfortable speed towards the entrance to the car park. On exiting, Portwood had positioned himself in the centre of the road with another NCOs to stop any traffic. He pointed to a track on the opposite side of the road which the teams were to take. They acknowledged and the race had begun.
The first mile was not bad, as the ground was firm and the teams made good progress. Richard could see a right hand bend in the track but trees obscured what was around it. As they navigated the turn the track began to ascend onto the moor itself. Conditions underfoot were heavy and the effort required to keep the carts moving was doubled. Steve who was at the rear of the cart called for the team to change positions. He was a natural leader and had taken on the responsibility without being asked. Richard was glad as he knew that he was not as physically strong as Fred and Steve. The change made, they continued on up the incline, and on looking over their shoulders they saw that they had moved ahead of the others. The NCO that had been assigned to them was shouting words of encouragement, and seemed pleased on how they were performing. This was in stark contrast to some of the directing staff in the rear couple of teams.
As they reached the summit of the incline the moor spread out before them. It was undulating, and at first glance did not look that bad. The ground however was water logged and the tyres were starting to stick. Sweat was running down Richard’s forehead and into his eyes. His quadriceps were burning and his hands stung from when he had been on the T-bar. The two weaker members of the team were starting to flag, and they were only three miles in. In the distance Richard could see a fluorescent yellow vest, this must have be one of the directing staff at a checkpoint he thought to himself. As they approached him he pulled a container from the back of his vehicle.
‘Fill up your water bottles before you set off again guys you’re making good time’ he greeted them.


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