Drill Part 1

‘What was that, you shower of shit?’ again, a rhetorical question. ‘Turn around and face your left, stepping off to my timing. By the right, quick march. Left, right, left, right……’ the words were barely audible due to the speed they were being delivered. For the next five minutes, they were bounced up and down the square, until once again, the sweating individuals were brought to a stop, in front of the Drill Instructor.

‘Now that you are suitably warmed up, I will take you a stage further in your drill. We will now proceed to teach you how to change direction at the halt. We will first go through turning to the right. This will be done by numbers, so pay attention to my demonstration;’ placing his pace stick on the floor, he stood to attention, perfectly still. ‘On the command “Right turn,” you will keep both knees straight and the body erect, turn to the right on the right heel and left toe, raising the left heel and right toe while doing so. On the completion of this preliminary movement, the right foot must be flat on the ground and the left heel raised, both knees straight, and the weight of the body, which must be erect, on the right foot. On completion of this first movement, you will shout out “One!”’ He instructed whilst performing the action, ‘you will now perform that first movement, calling out the timing. Listen to my words of command,’ pausing, he drew in breath, ‘the squad will move to the right in threes…..right…turn!’

The formation forced their bodies to the right, holding themselves erect and locking the thighs as they did so, calling out… ‘One!’ at the top of their voices.

‘Hold it’ Rudd commanded, as he prowled through the ranks, correcting anyone not in the correct position. Once he had been round everyone, he once again took his position at the front of the squad. He adopted the first position he had just shown them, before continuing;

‘As you were, watch for the second part. I left you in this position,’ he checked that they were watching him, ‘bring the left foot smartly up to the right, whilst shouting out the number “Two!”’ He executed this second and final part of the turn. The sound of his hob nailed ammunition boots, striking the floor, echoed across the square. The squad copied his example, shouting out the number, “Two” as they did so. The Drill Sergeant practised the squad until he was sure that they had grasped it. He then went on to explain the movement in reverse, for the left turn.


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