Commanding Officers Interviews

The two friends continued up the stairs and through a set of double doors. To their left along the corridor, were stood two well-built individuals in barrack dress and slashed peaked hats. On their right arms they wore an arm band with the letters RP on them. These both Richard and Pete knew were Regimental Police. They were bawling at a young man dressed in khaki No2 dress uniform. From a room opposite strode a rather short person with a huge badge on his lower right arm. Although small in stature he carried himself with an air of authority. He spotted the two friends and immediately coaxed them over with twitch of his head.
‘You two here for interviews?’ he asked in his what appeared to be Cockney accent. Both Richard and Pete knew this was the RSM, Kevin Bottelli. He was a close friend of Richard’s father and he had met him on numerous occasions when he had accompanied his parents in the Warrant Officers and Sgt.s Mess. The RSM showed no signs of recognition or favouritism he simply asked them to stand to on one side of the corridor. He then went on to explain the format for the interviews. This done he called both of them up to attention so he could give them a quick once over. On raising his right leg parallel to the ground a flash of colour caught the RSM’s attention.
‘What the fuck are those?’ he screamed pointing to Richard’s socks.
‘Socks sir’ came Richard’s answer
‘Fucking socks sir. White fucking socks, how dare you parade for interviews wearing civilian clothing? Get the fuck out of my sight and be back here in five minutes wearing regulation green socks you cunt…Move!!! He screamed in Richard’s face, and he could feel the spittle cover him. Startled into action he quickly turned to his right and beat a hasty retreat towards his accommodation block. Although it was January he was sweating like a rapist by the time he reached his room. He hastily opened his locked and took out a pair of green army socks. Discarding his shoes he swapped the white tennis socks for the green ones, quickly tying the laces to his shoes, he shot off back across the square to RHQ. Bursting through the double doors he came to an abrupt halt next to Pete. The RSM was not in sight and he whispered to Pete.
‘Not a good first impression.’ Pete nodded his acknowledgement grinning as he did so.
The RSM obviously heard Richard’s return and came out of his office. With a stern look on his face he asked him to raise his barrack dress trousers. Satisfied that he was now correctly dressed, he brought the pair of them up to attention and marched them into the CO’s office.


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