Mally Cooney Inspiration

After visiting an old army colleague yesterday who is  battling with cancer. It has made me more determined to get my first book published.

The turnout for him to have a drink and reminisce on days gone by, shows the strength , support and brotherhood that comes with military life.

This book, will not only honour my father, who died of this illness in 2010 , but all the people I have served with over the years

QS (Quis Separabit)



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  1. Thanks for the kind words. It is a bond forged through times of hardship, and adversity. I believe it is common through all soldiers, but especially to ones in the British Army. We have a reputation for “getting on with the job” no matter what the odds are. The loyalty we feel to each other last long after we have finished serving. As my Regimental motto goes “Quis Separabit” which translates as “Who shall separate us”



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